Die Produkte von Blässinger
Wälzlager – für Qualität und Wirtschaftlichkeit

Anti-friction bearings

We provide you with the most suitable products available for each application. In the field of premium bearings, we are contractors for all the major manufacturers. Our product portfolio includes the entire range of bearings, pivot mounts and ball and socket joints, housing units, accessories, rotary joints, roller elements and much more. more


Miniaturlager – Auf die Details kommt es an

Miniature bearings

Little things make the difference. Without miniature bearings, our roller bearing selection would be incomplete – even if the fine details can only be seen with a magnifying glass. Discover our wide range of products that start from a bore diameter of 0.5 mm. more

Kein Durchdringen möglich mit den passenden Dichtungen


The importance of seals is noticed when they are brittle or leaking, or simply do not work any more. For construction and general engineering, sealing of machine parts is often a difficult task. We provide the widest variety of seals for the most varied applications and purposes. more

Keine Bewegung ohne Antrieb

Drive technology

And no success without power. For smooth flow during production, companies need machines that are powerful. But not only do the machines need the right bearings and the best seals, they also need the right drive technology. more

Lineartechnik – führend in der Bewegung

Linear technology

Do you need a size 1 profiled rail system for precision mechanics? Or a size 300 for buildings? Or perhaps a linear module 27 meters in length? All this can be found in our linear technology program. We provide the right product for every application. more

Werkzeuge zum Ein- und Ausbau von Wälzlagern


Bearings are machine elements that are heavily loaded and yet must have high precision. In addition to lubrication, sealing and maintenance, precise installation and removal with the right tools are essential. Only in this way can bearings have a long service life and retain their full capabilities. more

Schmiersysteme – damit es immer besser geht

Lubrication systems

To achieve high availability, equipment requires an optimum lubrication system. Without proper lubrication of bearings, chains and linear guides, leaks and high friction are inevitable. The result: increased wear of parts and machines. more

Die Baugruppe – für immer neue Kombinationen


Complete units rather than individual products: We offer our customers individually configured and fabricated assemblies. These ready-to-install units are perfectly matched and exactly correspond to the particular requirements. more