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The assembly – for making new combinations

Complete units rather than individual products: We offer our customers individually configured and fabricated assemblies. These ready-to-install units are perfectly matched and exactly correspond to the particular requirements.

Our customers determine the steps we take. Our services go from the complete new design of an assembly through optimisation all the way to manufacturing. The possibilities for an assembly are nearly unlimited: This can be a ball bearing, which is built into a housing, coupled and pressed onto a shaft, or part of a complex mechanical unit. Or the assembly, for example, contains ground-in Nilos rings for sealing.

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Complete assemblies

We handle the procurement and quality assurance of all the elements of an assembly and match them to each other. The advantages for our customers are clear: Assemblies reduce expense with regard to suppliers, stock-keeping and cost.

Our staff will be happy to advise about any individual assembly and the various options.