Industrial shock absorbers – safely stopping moving masses

Efficient production requires perfect damping. The damping process should be completed in the shortest time and the loading of the machine should be as little as possible. In our product range, you will find industrial shock absorbers for every requirement.

Adjustable and self-adjusting shock absorbers and miniature shock absorbers will help you to reliably stop moving masses and machine parts. Industrial shock absorbers delay linearly and uniformly over the entire stroke and convert kinetic energy into heat. As a result, not only productivity increases but longer lifespans, lower operating costs, shorter cycle times, less noise and cost savings result.

Stoßdämpfer Enertrols
Stoßdämpfer Enertrols
Stoßdämpfer Enertrols

Services for shock absorbers

Because of the extensive inventory in our logistics centre, we guarantee short delivery times for all shock absorbers. In addition, our customers benefit from our in-house technical expertise. We can quickly do the layout and calculations for your shock absorbers.

Our sales force and our technical experts are available for questions about our products and services regarding industrial shock absorbers.