No penetration possible with the right seals

The importance of seals is noticed when they are brittle or leaking, or simply do not work any more. For construction and general engineering, sealing of machine parts is often a difficult task. We provide the widest variety of seals for the most varied applications and purposes.

Seals are used where two or more parts must be linked or closely connected to each other with a separable connection. Also for rotating shafts or reciprocating rods, which are guided through a housing wall, the installation of proper, functioning seals is required. But seals do so much more. They minimise the leakage of fluids such as lubricants, air or gas. Finally, seals also ensure that no foreign matter penetrates into operating media.


The right seal quickly and reliably

In our modern small parts warehouse, we carry a large selection of seals from different manufacturers and materials. We offer a comprehensive range of seals for static applications as well as for translational and rotational motion. The range of static seals includes O-rings, round cords, X-rings, and bonded seals. The group of seals for rotary movements are shaft seals, V-rings and axial seals. Seals for reciprocating motion are piston seals, rod seals, grooved rings and wiper seals.

Do you have questions? We have the answer and the right seal. We will be happy to assist you in the layout, the type of seal or the material.