Stock audit – minimum cost, maximum security

According to experience, there is a savings potential of between 20 and 30 percent that is hidden in the storerooms of many companies. With the Blässinger stock audit, we will not only disclose these savings. We will also support you in implementing them in your company.

At the start of the stock audit is the recording of the existing inventory based on different criteria. This includes, for example, whether items are entered multiple times using different numbers and whether the designations of the products are correct. This is the only way to guarantee that the goods that exist are found. With the stock audit, we also check the goods in stock as to their functional capability. We check whether standards have changed, ruling out any potential safety risk in the continued use of a product.

Creating space and saving costs

The audit measures help to reduce inventory and storage costs. The goal of the Blässinger audit is to reduce the supplier base and procurement processes to a minimum. Sorting out items that can no longer be used or which are not compliant with standards will free up precious storage space.

Are you interested in the Blässinger stock audit? We will bring order to your storeroom. We also have the experience and the know-how for concepts where we take responsibility for the stock rooms of our customers.