Basic seminar: linear technology

The Blässinger Academy

Basic seminar: linear technology

Many different guide systems exist in the linear technology field, such as shaft guides, track roller guides, recirculating ball bearing guides, recirculating roller guides, miniature guides, flat cage guides or sliding guides. The differences, technical features, strengths and possible applications of the various systems are presented and explained to participants.


  • Basic linear technology concepts
  • Guidance systems such as:
    • Shaft guides
    • Track roller guides
    • Recirculating ball bearing guides
    • Recirculating roller guides
    • Miniature guides


The basic seminar is intended to introduce the comprehensive topic of linear technology and provide an overview of the range of different systems that exist.

Assemblers (machine fitters), maintenance technicians, designers and purchasers

  • 14.03.2024
  • 26.09.2024

from 13.00 – 16.30

Josef Blässinger
GmbH + Co. KG

Hagäckerstraße 7
73760 Ostfildern (Kemnat)

299,00 € plus VAT
per participant
incl. training material