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Basic seminar: lubrication system


Course participants will receive an overview of the components and functionalities of central lubrication systems and will learn how to detect and correct errors on their own in future.

To maximise service life and production time, systems require a lubrication system that is optimised to the requirements. Without a functioning and application-specific lubrication system for bearings, chains and linear guides, excessive system downtime and increased part and machine wear are inevitable.

Basic knowledge about lubricants in central lubrication is taught in an easily understandable way, as well as dealing with the topics of chain and tool lubrication.


  • Basic knowledge of central lubrication
  • MonoFlex single-line central lubrication systems
  • Piston pumps | gear pumps
  • Progressive distributor
  • Fittings and accessories



Employees from the fields of construction, development, production and maintenance

Dates 2019
  • 14.03.2019
  • 27.06.2019
  • 14.11.2019

Each day from 8.00 – 12.00


Josef Blässinger
GmbH + Co. KG

Hagäckerstraße 7
73760 Ostfildern (Kemnat)

Attendance fee

495,00 € plus VAT
per participant material