Basic seminar: power transmission

The Blässinger Academy

Basic seminar: roller bearing

Companies need high-performance machines to ensure their production processes run smoothly, which also need to be equipped with the right power transmission technology. Choosing the right drive can improve machine availability, extend maintenance intervals and reduce operating costs.

During the training course, the differences between V-belts and timing belts are dealt with together with the participants. Topics covered include different versions of V-belts in power transmission and the numbering system. Participants also learn how to measure V-belts themselves and how to transcode alternative products.


  • Presentation of the various products
  • Differences between V-belts and timing belts
  • Various power transmission designs
  • Numbering system


Participants learn the basics of V-belt and timing belt drives, how to measure belts and how to transcode them to alternative products.

Warehouse employees, fitters, maintenance staff and purchasers

  • 25.09.2024

from 13.00 – 16.30

Josef Blässinger
GmbH + Co. KG

Hagäckerstraße 7
73760 Ostfildern (Kemnat)

299,00 € plus VAT
per participant
incl. training material