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The power of the group

The BLÄSSINGER GROUP offers its customers wide-ranging technical products and services in power transmission and machine tool fields. Together with leading sales, service and technology partners, we offer innovative, integrated and holistic solutions from a single source.

The BLÄSSINGER GROUP is a member of the following associations:

European Power Transmission Distributors Association (EPTDA)

The European Power Transmission Distributors Association (EPTDA) is the largest EMEA organisation of mechanical power transmission and motion control product distributors and manufacturers.


Die Familienunternehmer e.V.

Till Blässinger is a member of “Die Familienunternehmer e.V.” (Association of Family Entrepreneurs) and “Die Jungen Unternehmer” (The Young Entrepreneurs), BJU.


The Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (BME)

The Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (BME), is a service provider promoting exchanges of experience and knowledge transfer in supply chain management, procurement and logistics fields.


E/D/E (Einkaufsbüro Deutscher Eisenhändler GmbH)

The Einkaufsbüro Deutscher Eisenhändler GmbH (purchasing association of German hardware dealers), or E/D/E, is Europe’s largest purchasing and marketing association in industrial B2B, with 1214 medium-sized trading companies.



NORDWEST Handel AG connects specialist retailers and manufacturers. Since its founding in 1919, NORDWEST has developed into one of the largest affiliated companies of the German production connection trade (Deutscher Produktionsverbindungshandel PVH).



Großhandel-bw is an employer and trade association for wholesalers and foreign trade companies, industrial distributors and service providers based in Baden-Württemberg.