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Code of Conduct

Principles of social responsibility

The BLÄSSINGER GROUP is committed to its social responsibility in open and fair global trade as a decisive prerequisite for continued economic growth. The key to corporate success lies in a company-wide corporate culture characterised by integrity, ethics and personal responsibility. The ethical requirements for entrepreneurial activity and in the workplace are becoming increasingly demanding.

Our Code of Conduct is the guiding framework for all employees of the BLÄSSINGER GROUP. It combines our commitment to comply with law and order with our particular requirements for ethical conduct that enable our business to succeed. It imposes a demand on ourselves, while also constituting a promise to the outside world. The BLÄSSINGER GROUP has now drawn up principles to achieve these goals.



  • welcomes initiatives to promote responsible entrepreneurship amid ongoing internationalisation and globalisation.
  • declares its willingness to observe and ensure the generally accepted core labour standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and human rights.
  • wants to prevent irreversible globalisation from triggering fear among people worldwide.
  • is also keen to show the human face of globalisation by creating and maintaining jobs.
  • is convinced that social responsibility is a priority for the long-term success of the Blässinger Group and will thus contribute to worldwide peace and prosperity in future.

The prerequisite for assuming this responsibility, however, is competitiveness in the short, medium and long term. Assuming social responsibility is also an indispensable aspect of value-oriented corporate management.

The BLÄSSINGER GROUP will do everything in its power to combine the economic, environmental and social objectives of this agreement with medium- and long-term strategic ideas and plans as well as daily business decisions within the framework of corporate development designed to promote sustainable development.

Against the backdrop of ensuring customer satisfaction and international competitiveness, the members of the BLÄSSINGER GROUP strive to reflect these overarching guiding principles in their products and services and their actions within European and international locations as well as within the corporate culture. Aware of mutual responsibility and convinced that this agreement can constitute a key contribution to better international cooperation throughout the BLÄSSINGER GROUP and to overcoming cultural and language barriers, the following principles are formulated:


1. Human rights

1.1 Human rights
The BLÄSSINGER GROUP advocates and supports adherence to internationally recognised human rights.

1.2 Equal opportunities/no discrimination
The BLÄSSINGER GROUP undertakes to guarantee equal workplace opportunities and refrain from any discrimination unless national law expressly provides for selection according to certain criteria. There may be no discrimination on the basis of gender, race, colour, disability, origin, religion, age or sexual orientation (ILO Convention Nos 100 and 111).

1.3 The BLÄSSINGER GROUP emphasises the principle of equal opportunities with great respect and clearly speaks out against discrimination and exclusion and for integration and tolerance; not just among employees, but also among and with managers. Interaction between employees and management is characterised by mutual respect, understanding and mutual trust in the interest of achieving common corporate goals.

1.4 The BLÄSSINGER GROUP rejects all forms of forced labour (ILO Convention Nos 29 and 105). Child labour is prohibited (ILO Convention Nos 138 and 182). The minimum age for employees is determined by the relevant state laws or collective bargaining agreements, provided that these do not fall below the minimum employment age stipulated in ILO Convention No. 138.


2. Working conditions

2.1 Remuneration/compensation
The right to adequate remuneration is recognised for all employees (ILO Convention No. 100). Remuneration and other benefits (social benefits, leave, etc.) take the principle of fairness into account and correspond at least to the applicable national legal standards or the level of the national economic sectors/industries.

2.2 Working hours
The Blässinger Group ensures compliance with the relevant national regulations and agreements on working hours and regular paid holidays. Working hours, including overtime, may not permanently exceed the existing legal and/or collective bargaining standards in the respective countries.

2.3 Occupational health and safety
Occupational health and safety have the highest priority. The BLÄSSINGER GROUP guarantees occupational health and safety at the workplace in accordance with national regulations and supports ongoing further development to improve the working environment.

2.4 Qualification
The existing skills and knowledge of BLÄSSINGER GROUP employees at all of our global locations are crucial for securing the future. This is why the Blässinger Group supports and promotes measures for the qualification of its employees, which are appropriate to expanding and deepening the professional and specialist knowledge essential for their work. Training and further education play particularly important roles in further development.

2.5 Environment
The products and services of the BLÄSSINGER GROUP aim to remain environmentally compatible in future. Protecting the environment and improving living and environmental conditions are key corporate objectives of the BLÄSSINGER GROUP. To achieve and comply with applicable international, European and national environmental standards, cooperation is carried out with responsible local institutions.


3. Freedom of association/right to collective bargaining

3.1 The right of employees to form, join and work for associations or organisations of their own choice for the purpose of promoting and protecting the interests of employees is respected (ILO Convention Nos 87 and 98), without prejudice to the exercise of employment. The BLÄSSINGER GROUP accepts the results of collective bargaining based on national regulations that affect Blässinger.

3.2 The BLÄSSINGER GROUP and the elected employee representatives collaborate in a spirit of trust and for the good of the employees and the company.


4. Export Control and Customs
The international business of the BLÄSSINGER GROUP is subject to the applicable legal provisions on the cross-border movement of goods and services. The BLÄSSINGER GROUP complies with all export control and customs regulations that apply in the respective countries of operation. For this purpose, the BLÄSSINGER GROUP has established a comprehensive Internal Compliance Program (ICP) for export control.


5. Implementation and enforcement of the agreement

5.1 The principles of social responsibility/the BLÄSSINGER GROUP Code of Conduct are mandatory worldwide and apply to all Group companies. They require managers and employees at all levels to adhere to, accept and promote the agreed goals. Responsibility lies with the management of the respective companies.

5.2 The principles are made available to the management of all companies, interest groups and employees group-wide in an appropriate form. The communication and information measures for providing information shall be coordinated accordingly.

5.3 The BLÄSSINGER GROUP expressly supports and encourages its business partners to apply and respect the agreed principles in their own corporate policies and sees this as an advantageous basis for further business relationships in future.

5.4 All employees have the right to raise issues and problems relating to the agreed principles without incurring any disadvantages and/or sanctions.

5.5 The BLÄSSINGER GROUP will make every effort to ensure the agreement is adhered to. Information on problems, deviations or necessary changes to the principles is collected by Human Resources and discussed with management at least once a year.