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Company Mission Statement


We are one of European industry’s most capable partners when it comes to application-oriented products and services in the field of power transmission.


Customers choose Blässinger as their preferred partner and problem-solver, ensuring that their product and service requirements are covered. We are viewed as part of our customers’ processes as they go about their business and achieve their goals.

Suppliers choose Blässinger to market and distribute their goods and services effi ciently and competently. Our experts explain technical benefi ts and optimise applications through the employment of cutting-edge technology.

Employees choose Blässinger, as each is viewed as an individual in his or her own right and treated with respect. We encourage our employees – from initial mentoring through to continuous personal development. Fair pay and excellent working conditions are the foundations of our successful relationship with our staff. A further pillar is excellent co-operation and allowing our employees the freedom to make their own decisions in their daily working lives. Our staff are obliged to comply with our company values.

We need our shareholders to provide the long-term resources required for the continued implementation of our company strategy.



We are geared towards making continual changes to meet industry and market demands. We are profi cient at realising new tasks and procedures.


We take personal responsibility for our own activities, ensuring that our company is successful and securing its long-term future. To make that possible we use the latitude accorded us. Our company is built on compliance with the law in any dealings with employees, customers, suppliers and other partners.


Our daily success is measured against values such as respectful interactions with partners, dependability, accountability and a straight-forward approach. We believe that only when these values are combined can our partners place their trust in us.

Team player

We have ambitious goals. We cannot achieve them alone. It is only when we come together that we can deliver on our promises. We co-operate with each other and take the problems of others into consideration. We work well together by communicating openly.


We measure the success of our activities by our customers. Their current and future demands determine how we act and plan.

Effective and efficient

The market includes many respected competitors. We can only survive if we are able to fulfi l our customers’ wishes and implement our own ideas quickly and effectively. Employing our resources shrewdly to achieve those goals is key to our success.