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Bearing solutions that go against the stream – Schaeffler current-insulating bearings

Bearing damage due to current passage has increased significantly worldwide. The causes are technological trends ...

such as variable-speed electric motors in drive trains, traction motors in railway vehicles or wind turbines (generators), which are being used more and more frequently. The demand for current-insulating bearings is also rising sharply in line with the current-related damage. With its comprehensive portfolio, Schaeffler meets this demand, even for the most diverse requirements and applications.

Against the stream – bearing solutions for prevention of damage due to current passage

There is some typical bearing damage caused by continuous current passage: Formation of ripple damage, craters and welding beads that are only visible under a microscope, or decomposition of the lubricant. If no countermeasures are taken, the consequences can even lead to total failure of the bearings. Schaeffler’s current-insulating bearings are specially designed to prevent current damage to bearings. This is ensured by the Insutect ceramic coating developed by Schaeffler – reliable up to 3,000 V DC. It is available for outer rings (J20AA/J20AB) and inner rings (J20C).

Schaeffler’s portfolio includes current-insulating bearing solutions for all common applications. See table

The main advantages of these current-insulating bearings:

• Inexpensive protection against current damage
• Lower maintenance costs
• Longer bearing life
• Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
• A quick solution for acute problems

The full range – current-insulating bearings for any application
Schaeffler offers a wide range of current-insulating bearings for current and future applications: Standard bearings (J20AB with sheet steel cage), premium bearings (J20AA with brass cage) for especially high protection against current passage as well as ball bearings and cylindrical rolling bearings as hybrid variants with ceramic rolling elements. The bearings are available either with lip seals or non-contact shields and are completely interchangeable with standard bearings in all variants.

Current-insulating bearings prevent damage due to current passage, thus increasing the operational reliability and availability of your systems. Schaeffler offers a full product range that caters for all requirements. Download technical product information on current-insulating bearings

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact our Rolling Bearing Product Management team by e-mail at or get in touch with your sales representative.