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With the registration at the European Patent Office in November 2019, Josef Blässinger GmbH + Co KG was granted European patent (EP2716924) and thus the intellectual property rights for a solid lubricated roller bearing.

Roller bearings with dry lubricant are used in situations where grease-lubricated bearings cannot be used due to very high or very low temperatures or under vacuum.


Picture of the Blässinger high-temperature bearing  EP2716924

The patented high-temperature bearing with decoupled dry lubricant segments is ideally suited for temperatures between -180 °C and 450 °C (or 350 °C, depending on the load rating). The design contains a large effective depot of solid lubricant, without sacrificing a leading cage made of a solid material, ensuring that the rolling elements are guided safely and preventing the roller bearing from disintegrating, ensuring that the rolling elements remain correctly spaced permanently. Compared to resin-binder based solid lubricant fillings in standard bearings, a lot of solid lubricant is available as a result of the large free space, and the bearings are less susceptible to vibrations due to the decoupling of the individual dry lubricant segments.

The benefits of using these patented roller bearings:

+ High operational reliability

+ Longer service life

+ Uniform load

+ Less susceptible to vibrations

+ Lower forces exerted on the brittle dry lubricant segments

+ More effective dry lubricant

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