We don’t rely on the “laying on of hands”

Increased safety thanks to vibration-monitoring

Intelligent sensor systems now replicate the diagnostic approach of master craftsmen laying their hands on a machine or using a screwdriver on the ear. They report component wear promptly. Unplanned downtimes and the resulting costs can be avoided by ongoing monitoring of systems.

Vibration-monitoring allows roller-bearing damage to be detected by characteristic patterns in the frequency spectra of the machine vibration. One system used for digital vibration monitoring is the FAG SmartCheck. This is a compact, innovative and modular online measuring system for permanent decentralised machine and process parameter monitoring. The FAG SmartCheck is ideally suited, for example, to detect bearing damage, imbalance and misalignment in electric and geared motors, vacuum and liquid pumps, fans and blowers, gearboxes and compressors from an early stage. If the vibration monitoring detects damage, it needs to be repaired as soon as possible, often by replacing the faulty bearing.


This involves reprocessing, rather than replacing, the components. This cuts downtimes and costs, avoids scrapping and improves sustainability. Reconditioning is already worthwhile for bearings with an outer diameter of 180 mm or more, where 100% performance and cost savings of approx. 50–85% are achieved compared to buying a new bearing with a shorter delivery time.