Quick delivery and reliable availability

Logistics centre

We have adapted and optimised our warehousing and logistical requirements to suit your requirements. Rapid availability and reliable delivery are what underpin the success of our products and our customers’ satisfaction. As an experienced trading company, we know successful distribution management crucially depends on mature logistics concepts. So within the supply chain management scope, we are tasked with optimising the flow of goods from the manufacturer, via our warehouse, to our customers.

We help our customers optimise their purchasing processes in line with their needs. Our goal is to minimise inventory, simplify purchasing processes and reduce process costs.


Long-term partnerships and supply agreements with all important manufacturers as well as well-stocked inventories ensure we remain flexible for you.The Blässinger Logistics Center has around 30,000 products ready for immediate delivery. Each of our branches also has its own warehouse, which is tailored to meet the needs of local customers.

Our extensive supplier network lets us guarantee high availability of numerous OEM parts. We guarantee our customers tried and tested quality, expedited delivery and cost-effective procurement – for both standard and special parts.

Added value for you

  • e-procurement
  • 24-hour delivery service
  • Consignment warehouse