Linear technology

Case study

Customised special production of profile track rollers keeps the curing robot in cheese production moving.

A food industry customer tasked us with finding an inexpensive alternative for the wear parts for their “cheese curing robot”, which are regularly required. Linear guides used in food production have to meet stringent demands: corrosion-resistant material, special greases and a hygienic design are all musts. Using shaft guides and profile rollers running on shafts offers enormous advantages. The profile rollers required here are a special construction made of corrosion-resistant material that exceeds all standards.

Since no drawing was available, a sample had to be offered and finally produced. Special profile track rollers have already proven their worth in wide-ranging applications. The customer is more than happy that Blässinger offers an inexpensive alternative to the original spare parts supplied by the system manufacturer. For decades, Blässinger has been supplying profile rollers with individual geometries and made of special materials for extreme applications.


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