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Power transmission

There’s no motion without drive

No success without performance

Companies need high-performance machines to ensure their production processes run smoothly. As well as the right roller bearings and the best seals to achieve this, they also need the right power transmission.

Our product range

Our range includes various V-belts, timing belts, tension pulleys, timing and V-belt pulleys, taper bushes, chains, sprockets, couplings up to spur gears – everything to do with power transmission. We supply both standard DIN parts and specially manufactured products based on drawings. We also offer complete drive systems to cater for almost any application.

So that things run smoothly

Be it a coupling, chain or belt drive, it is important that each component meets the specified requirements for fast and precise power transmission. Our extensive product range provides ideal solutions for wide-ranging power transmission applications.

Moving more together

We are happy to help you with calculations or technical power transmission details. We are also happy to optimise your drives to reduce maintenance and cut energy costs: for instance by converting from V-belts to timing belts, or would you prefer personal on-site support? Our qualified in-house and field service staff are your go-to partner when it comes to choosing the right power transmission, providing you with advice and practical support. Your drive is our motivation.

Product range

Belt drives

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