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Reproduction of an axial angular ball bearing

A regional utility company uses several 5 kV high-voltage slip-ring motors. One system is overhauled each year, so the NU 328-E-M1-C3 and one TL-120 axial angular ball bearing types are regularly required. Unfortunately, however, the TL-120 axial angular ball bearing is no longer sold by the previous manufacturer.

The system is a 5 kV high-voltage slip-ring motor:

  • Power: 650 KW
  • Voltage: 5,000 V
  • Current: 89 A
  • Speed: 985 RPM

We measured a sample bearing provided by the customer. We were able to completely manufacture the axial angular ball bearing with a contact angle of 45° using existing machine tools and assemble it with newly manufactured assembly tools, thus ensuring that our customer could continue to use this system.

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