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Sealing technology

No penetration possible with the right seals

It's only when seals become brittle, start leaking or simply no longer work that you realise how important they are. Sealing machine parts is often a difficult task for design and general engineering. We supply wide-ranging seals for abundant applications and purposes.

Seals and gaskets are used everywhere when two or more parts have to be interconnected detachably or tightly, or for rotating shafts or reciprocating rods that are guided through a housing wall, where a faultless and functional seal has to be installed, but seals do much more: they reduce the leakage of liquids such as lubricants, as well as air or gas. Last but not least, seals and gaskets also ensure no foreign matter can contaminate operating media.

Get the right seal quickly and reliably

In our state-of-the-art small parts warehouse we stock a wide range of seals from various manufacturers and made of various materials. We offer a comprehensive range of seals and gaskets for static applications as well as for translational and rotating motion.

The range of static seals includes O-rings, round cords, X-rings and screw seals. The group of rotary motion seals comprises radial shaft seal rings, V-rings and axial seals.

Seals for translational movements include piston seals, rod seals, lip seals and wipers.

Product range

Sealing technology

Customer-specific production technology

  • Production of seals & gaskets according to drawings
  • Sealing solutions made of suitable materials can also be produced by machining or injection moulding
  • Welding and bonding of O-rings
  • Cutting sealing cords and tapes to length
  • Production of seals & gaskets according to drawings

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