Linear technology

Customer-specific production linear technology

For shaft guides

  • Shaft cutting and chamfering, cylindrical grinding and polishing axial/radial drilling, internal/external thread making, shaft end machining according to drawings
  • Machining of supporting bodies according to drawings
  • Making housings according to drawings
  • Making shaft blocks according to drawings
  • Cleaning linear ball bearings and greasing as specified

For track roller guides

  • Cutting and chamfering of mounting rails and shafts
  • Machining mounting rails according to drawings
  • Degrease profile rollers and grease according to specifications

For profile rail guides

  • Cutting and chamfering of rails, butt joint machining of rails, machining according to drawings
  • Fitting trolleys with pin bores, cleaning trolleys and greasing to specification

For screw drives

  • Cutting and chamfering of threaded spindles, machining of ends according to drawings, production of bearing seats according to drawings
  • Making threaded nuts according to drawings
  • Machining nut flanges according to drawings
  • Making nut brackets according to drawings

Tailor-made linear solutions

We assemble linear technology products in our machining centre within one day according to the wishes of our customers. We offer you individual mechanical processing such as end machining, additional drilling and thread and butt machining according to your specifications. We lubricate your linear ball bearings, rollers or carriages with lubricants according to your specifications especially for your application.

Ball, roller and trapezoidal screw drives in accordance with customer requirements

From miniature to heavy duty, whether single-start, multi-start, for handling tasks or machine tools – we can supply you with ball screws made to measure. Depending on your requirements we offer rolled, hard-whirled or ground spindles and for special applications we offer coated or stainless steel models. Our product range includes roller screws for very high loads or small pitches, and trapezoidal screws for simpler tasks.

We are happy to advise you on product selection or answer any questions you have, ranging from design to delivery.


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