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Customer-specific roller bearings technology

Special bearings

Special challenges call for special solutions. Special bearings are used if no standard solution from our extensive range can meet a customer’s special requirements, but every problem has a solution.

Our engineers advise on and develop individual solutions for individual cases. These special bearings are manufactured by our trusted partners to proven quality standards. As well as completely redesigning a special bearing, we can also modify bearings e.g. by pairing.

Customer-specific production technology

Almost nothing is impossible, as our many years of experience confirm. For example, we have already realized the most extraordinary requests, such as track rollers and bearings with extremely high load ratings.

  • Castors and bearings with maximum load ratings
  • Conversion of bearings to PTFE cover plates and PEEK cages for high temperatures
  • Ready-to-install special bearings and roller bearing assemblies
  • Insertion of grooves or fitting of the bearing clearance
  • Special greases for special applications
  • Grease distribution grooves and seal run-in for ready-to-install solutions and immediate commissioning

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